This privacy policy concerns Axo Finans AS’s processing of personal data. Personal data means information that can be linked directly or indirectly to you, for example name, address, telephone number, IP address and e-mail address.

Below we explain, among other things, which personal data we collect, why we do it and what we use the data for. You can contact us for further information on the processing of your personal data. The contact information is at the bottom of this statement.

The privacy policy applies to everyone who starts a loan application via the application form on our website.

What information is stored and how information is used 

Information you provide yourself when starting the application form:  

E-mail, mobile number, social security number, loan amount, term, loan purpose, employment, employer, how long you have been employed, education, citizenship, country of origin, number of years in Norway, annual income, marital status, living conditions (owner/tenant), length of stay at the address , number of children under 18, spouse/partner’s annual income, rent per month, child support per month, rental income per month, housing debt, student loan, vehicle debt, total credit debt, amount for refinancing, account number.

Some of the information we ask for is based on our dynamic application form. This means that you will not necessarily be asked to provide all of the information above.

Information Axo Finans AS collects itself:
IP address (obtained from the browser session)

Information we obtain from other sources:
Full name, address and credit information, including payment notes. This information is only collected for the main applicant.

Our sources of information:
Credit reporting agency Experian

The information we receive from you or collect is stored in our database.

By approving our privacy policy, you also consent to us obtaining information about the status of your loan application from our banking and financing partners, so that we, as a financial agent, can process your application. You will always find an updated overview of our banking and financing partners on our website, available here:

If you agree to it – information about insurance application

  • Information that you want us to forward an application from you for insurance. If insurance is granted, we will receive information from the insurance company about this, and in addition, we will receive information from the insurance company if you wish to change the insurance amount
  • you wish to terminate the insurance
  • the insurance company cancels the insurance

The purpose of processing the personal data and the legal basis for the processing

We use the information about you for the following purposes:

  1. We will use the information to process your loan application, including carrying out a credit check on you. We will contact you during the application process by phone, e-mail or SMS. This applies during the period when you have an active loan application.
  2. If you agree to marketing, we will sign you up for our newsletter.
  3. If you agree to it, we will use the information about you to forward a request from you about insurance to an insurance company. If the information we receive from the insurance company about the application is approved, we will only use it to calculate compensation.

After you have registered a loan application at, Axo Finans AS sends the application to its banking and financing partners. These assess the application and potentially give you an offer for a loan.

The basis for processing is consent. You must consent to each individual purpose for the processing to be legal. It is completely voluntary to consent to one or more purposes and consent can be withdrawn at any time.

Who gets access to the information 

Axo Finans AS only shares your personal data with other businesses to the extent necessary to fulfill the purpose of processing your personal data.

These businesses can be divided into two groups:

Bank and financing partners

  • Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL (“AWS Europe”) is the technical hosting partner and stores the information on its servers in Sweden.
  • Webhuset AS is a technical hosting partner and stores the information on its servers in Norway.
  • Make AS uses the information to send you e-mail on our behalf.
  • Experian AS processes personal data in order to carry out a credit check and send a letter of reparation.
  • Google, Inc. stores the information in connection with the operation of e-mail
  • Kundo AB stores the information in connection with the operation of e-mail
  • Eurobate AS uses the information to send you SMS on our behalf.
  • Link Mobility ASA uses the information to send you SMS on our behalf.
  • Mailchimp, Inc. uses the information to send you e-mail on our behalf.
  • uses the information to send you e-mail on our behalf.
  • Twilio Inc. uses the information to send you e-mail on our behalf.
  • Facebook, Inc. uses the information to offer chat dialogue, as well as target advertising to you on our behalf.
  1. Insurance company – if you agree to it. The insurance company can only use the information to assess whether they want to offer insurance, and to set the detailed conditions for the insurance. The insurance company is responsible for processing personal data when assessing an insurance application. The insurance company’s handling of your personal data will then follow the insurance company’s own privacy statements. You will always find an updated overview of the insurance companies on our website, available here: .

Sharing of personal data will also be done when it is required by law or regulation or it is required on the basis of a legally binding decision.

Any sharing beyond the aforementioned will not be done without your specific consent.

The data processors are bound by data processor agreements and cannot use your information for their own purposes, or purposes that conflict with the purpose stated in this privacy policy.

Routines for archiving and deletion

Axo Finans AS has routines for archiving and deleting personal data.

The personal information is stored for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purposes stated in point 2 above. The personal information is deleted/anonymised/archived continuously when it is no longer relevant for the purposes for which it was collected.

Axo Finans AS reserves the right to de-identify the information, so that the information can be used for statistical purposes.

How the information is stored and secured

Axo Finans AS values ​​its customers’ privacy and ensures that their privacy is safeguarded in accordance with the requirements set out in current legislation.

Below, Axo Finans AS assures that the information is stored in a secure manner in accordance with the privacy legislation currently in force, and that the information will not come to the knowledge of unauthorized persons. In addition, Axo Finans AS assures that the information is stored in systems that have the necessary information security with regard to confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Axo Finans AS requires its employees and associated contractual parties to follow the laws, regulations and internal guidelines that apply to the processing of personal data.

Axo Finans AS has introduced organizational and technical routines to ensure that your personal information does not go astray, is not changed unintentionally and that it is available when needed.

Your rights as a registered customer/client

As registered, you have the right to access, correct, delete, data portability, to demand that the processing of personal data be limited and to object to certain forms of processing.

You have the right to access the personal data we have stored about you and the right to access the use of this personal data. By contacting our Customer Service, you can request such access. You can also demand that personal information that is incorrect be corrected, that Axo Finans AS delete the information and withdraw consent you have previously given.

As a general rule, Axo Finans AS will delete your information if you request this, unless continued storage is necessary to document services provided or further storage is otherwise required by law.

Furthermore, you have the right to complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority if you believe that your personal data has been processed in violation of the rules that follow from Norwegian law.

Contact information

Axo Finans AS, organization number 998 543 320, is responsible for processing the personal data collected in accordance with this privacy policy.

You can at any time ask us questions about how we process your user data and exercise your above-mentioned rights, by contacting our Customer Service below.

Telephone: 22 86 74 00
E-mail:                        [email protected]
Contact form:
Address: Axo Finans AS, St. Olavs gate 28, 0166 Oslo, Norway